Important Information
Important Information
about MCB Online Statement


At Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, your safety remains important to us and as such, we encourage you to stay safe by banking at home. With this in mind and in our constant efforts to continue providing our Customers with a higher level of service, better access and enhanced security when handling their bank transactions and finances, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank will discontinue the printing and mailing of paper statements and convert these to Online Statements. This change will be effective September 01, 2020.

All MCB Personal current and savings accounts will be switched automatically to Online Statements, which are easily available through our MCB Online Banking platforms. For help with Online Banking or how to see your statements online, you can send an email to with your phone number and we will call you back to assist.

While we prepare for this transition, and assist our clients in registering for MCB Online Banking, we will provide customers who still don’t have access to our Online Banking platforms, their paper statements twice per year through physical mail (post office) and they will receive a paper statement at the beginning of January and the second paper statement at the beginning of July. Your July paper statement will show all transactions from the period of January to June and your January paper statement will show all transactions from the period July to December. Please note that the fees for traditional (paper) statements will remain US$ 5.00 per month until further notice. Please refer to our website for all our fees and service charges.

Benefits of Online Statements

With online statements you can get all the banking information you need 24/7 from the safety of your home. Online statements are convenient, easy to read and can be accessed fast. The online statement is an electronic version of the regular MCB personal account paper statement that a number of clients still receive via the post office. Online statements are a more secure method than having paper statements mailed out to you, and provide more protection as they reduce the risk of identity theft.  Your online accounts are confidential and secured by your login credentials so your online statements can only be accessed by you. Online statements are archived in our Online Banking Platform for up to 10 years (you can easily save them on a hard drive or external storage device (USB) if you wish to keep them longer).

Register for MCB Online Banking

We hereby urge all our clients who are not yet registered for our MCB Online Banking services, to do so via our email: or by calling 715-5520. Our Contact Center agents will be happy to assist with the registration process. Once the process is completed, you will be contacted to simply pick-up your E-pass at the MCB Branch of your choice. The E-Pass provides added security when transacting via our online channels.

MCB Online Banking is safe, secure and easy and provides you with greater control and flexibility in managing your accounts and finances, while simplifying your life. It also allows us to serve our customers in a more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner. Register now and start enjoying the convenience and the safety of receiving your statements online.

For more information regarding our digital services to help you bank easier, please follow our Facebook page MCB Bonaire Events and our website or email;

We will go through this and continue making progress Together Today and Tomorrow.


Kontinuando ku nos esfuersonan pa sigui ofresé nos klientenan un nivel mas haltu di servisio, mihó akseso i mas seguridat pa loke ta trata nan asuntunan bankario i finansiero, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank ta stòp di prent i pòst resúmen di kuenta bankario personal (Bank Statements) i lo kombertí esaki den resúmen online (Online Statements). E kambio aki lo tuma lugá entrante 1 di sèptèmber 2020.

Resúmen online di kuenta lo ta aplikabel pa tur kuenta di spar i kuenta koriente personal di MCB. Nos lo yuda nos klientenan registrá pa MCB Online Banking pa tur kliente por tin akseso na nan resúmen di kuenta online. Por manda nos un email ku number di telefon na i nos lo tuma kontakto pa asistí ku kualke pregunta di Online Banking i tambe kon pa mira e resumen di bo kuenta.

Otro opshon ta na nos ATM kaminda por saka tambe un “mini statement”. Tur kliente ku no ta registrá ainda pa MCB Online Banking lo risibí nan resúmen di kuenta bankario 2 biaha pa aña via pòst; e promé na komienso di yanüari (transakshonnan di e periodo di yüli pa désèmber di e aña anterior) i e di dos na komienso di yüli (pa transakshonnan di e periodo yanüari pa yüni di e aña koriente). Manera ya ta konosí e gastu pa risibí statement (resúmen di kuenta) tradishonal di papel ta keda US$ 5.00 pa luna, te próksimo aviso. Informashon di nos gastunan ta disponibel riba nos wèpsait.

Benefisionan di resúmen di kuenta online

Resúmen di kuenta online ta fasilitá klientenan dor di brinda akseso lihé i kumbiniente. Un resúmen di kuenta online (Online Statement) ta un vershon elektróniko di e resúmen regular di kuenta di MCB ku diferente kliente ta risibí via pòst. Su diseño ta presis meskos ku e vershon di papel. Via MCB Online Banking, e plataforma riba kua klientenan di MCB por haña akseso na nan resúmen online, klientenan tin akseso na nan kuenta pa mira òf hasi transakshon shete dia pa siman, i nan por mira nan saldo- i transakshonnan práktikamente bibu i direkto. Pasando pa e sistema di resúmen online ta pone ku no tin mester di prent resúmen di kuenta mas, i esaki ta yuda eliminá akumulashon di papel. Kliente tin akseso na resúmen di kuenta te 10 aña bèk. Un benefisio mas ta ku klientenan tin akseso na nan resúmen di kuenta online algun dia promé ku nan ta kustumbrá di risibí esaki di papel.

Registrá pa MCB Online Banking

Pa medio di e komunikashon akí Maduro & Curiel’s Bank ta urgi tur kliente ku no ta registrá ainda pa MCB Online Banking, pa hasi esaki mandando bo number di telefon via email: i nos lo tuma kontakto. Por tuma kontakto tambe via su Contact Center na telefòn 715-5520. MCB lo komuniká bèk ku kada kliente pa simplemente buska nan e-Pass na e brènch ku nan ta deseá. E e-Pass ta brinda seguridat adishonal pa klientenan por hasi transakshon bankario seif via MCB Online Banking.

Ku nos servisio di MCB Online Banking nos klientenan tin mihó kòntròl i fleksibilidat den maneho di nan kuentanan bankario i finansas, kual lo simplifiká nan bida. Hasiendo uso di nos servisionan digital ta amplia e oportunidat pa nos sirbi nos klientenan di un forma mas efisiente i mas sigur i teniendo kuenta ku nos medio ambiente, ya ku di e forma aki nos tur ta hasi menos uso di papel.

Pa mas informashon tokante nos servisionan digital pa bo atendé bo asuntunan bankario aun mas fásil, por fabor sigui nos página di Facebook MCB Bonaire Events i nos wèpsait òf manda un e-mail ku bo number di telefòn:

Nos lo pasa dor di e proseso pa sigui progresá Huntu Awe i Mañan!