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3316 MCB Group Bankomatiko MC Debit Mock Up

MCB Bankomatiko smart card

The MCB Bankomatiko smart card allows you to make contactless payments (Tap) just by tapping your card at a payment terminal that is enabled for contactless Maestro payments.

Contactless payments are easy and faster compared to regular chip or swipe transactions. Now with your MCB Bankomatiko smart card you can just Tap & Go for transactions equal to or less than US$ 50.-

at all Maestro contactless enabled payment terminals worldwide. You can recognize the Bankomatiko smart card by the green contactless indicator in the top right corner.

Click here to download the Terms & Conditions of your Bankomatiko card: PDF file

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Bankomatiko Contactless Smart Card NFC PAP
Bankomatiko Contactless Smart Card NFC NLD
Bankomatiko Contactless Smart Card NFC PAP
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