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Be everywhere at once

A person can only be in one place at a time. Unless you’re online; then you can be everywhere at once. Start accepting credit cards online. Here is what you’ll need.

A website.

Build one yourself or let a professional developer do it for you.

An Internet Merchant Account

At First Data Merchant Services, a renowned global payment processor providing secure and fast online payment solutions. To apply, simply download and complete an Internet Merchant Application. Submit this application along with your business plan to our Bankcard Services Department for preliminary review. Check out the requirements here.

A Payment Gateway Account.

Offers the software you need to securely link your website to our credit card processor. MCB does not offer in-house Payment Gateway Services, but we can recommend a reliable one to you.

3D-Secure Payer Authentication

Merchant Account Requirements

Internet Merchant Questionnaire

3D-Secure Payer Authentication.

Prevent unauthorized card use and protect yourself from fraudulent chargebacks.

3D-Secure Payer Authentication gives you the online payment guarantees of major card programs through one easy connection. It minimizes customer disputes, provides chargeback protection and relieves you from fraud liability.

Reduced fraudulent chargebacks. Besides promoting customer confidence, secure payer authentication makes you eligible for chargeback protection offered by some credit card companies.

One simple connection gives you access to authentication for multiple card companies. Payment and fraud screening are also available through this same connection for a fully integrated secure solution.

Fast implementation. The 3D secure API ensures a quick and easy implementation process. Professional services are available to assist you with system integration if necessary.

Business credit cards

Set up your online store and start boosting your sales today!

We have the knowledge and experience to help you with your ecommerce business. Make an appointment by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]

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