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Coupa FAQ

Due Diligence

What is due diligence?
Why is Vendor Due Diligence important for MCB Group?
Why do I need to upload documents in my supplier information portal?
What documents do I have to upload in my supplier information portal?
What is the Due Diligence life cycle?
Where do I have to upload the Due Diligence requested documents?
What happens if I don’t comply with the Due Diligence process?

Account, Login, Registration

Where do I register for the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)?
Where do I sign in to the CSP?
What browsers can I use?
How do I start using Coupa?
How do I register if the admin/owner of the CSP account left the company?
How do I cancel my CSP account?

Purchase Orders

How do I see MCB Group’s purchase orders?
How do I change a price on a purchase order?
How do I invoice a blanket purchase order?
How can I view historical (closed) purchase orders in MCB Group’s instance?
Can I set it so I can only see purchase orders that haven't been invoiced yet?


How do I create an invoice?
How do I create an invoice that isn't backed by a purchase order?
What options are available for me to submit invoices to MCB Group?
Can I reuse an invoice number once MCB Group Vendor Management Section has deleted it on their end?
How do I know if an invoice has been registered?
How do I credit or cancel an invoice that's already been billed?
Why can't I edit, void, or delete an invoice?
What do I do if an invoice was rejected?
Once an invoice has been approved, what do I need to do next?
What if I have an invoice that hasn't been paid?
Do I need to see a purchase order on the CSP before I can invoice MCB Group?
How do I create a credit note?
What do I do if I get the "Please fix the below error" message?
What types of files can I attach to an invoice?

General Questions & Answers

Where can I find information about integrating with Coupa?
What does "pending receipt" mean?
What do I do if I am not the admin/owner of my CSP account but I can't log in or don't have full access?
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