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Fun Miles

MCB makes banking more fun!

Link your Bankomatiko Smart Card to your Fun Miles Card and earn Fun Miles fast and easy with every purchase.

Linking is very easy. All you need to do is register your Fun Miles card with your Bankomatiko Smart Card using MCB Personal Online Banking or at one of the MCB Branches. This is free, easy and one-time only! Once it is linked you will automatically earn 1 Fun Mile for every US$ 5.00,- purchase. You earn Fun Miles with every purchase at any merchant when you pay with your Bankomatiko Smart Card. This does not apply for cash withdrawals from an ATM.

Where and how do I earn Fun Miles with my Bankomatiko Smart Card?

You will earn miles for all purchases made in Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. Fun Miles are not awarded for cash withdrawals.

How many Fun Miles do I earn?

You will earn 1 Fun Mile for every USD 5.00 spent. For example you will earn 2 Fun Miles for a purchase of USD 10.00.

How does the earned Fun Miles get credited to my Fun Miles account when I use my Bankomatiko smart card?

Once your register your Fun Miles card at one of our MCB branches or MCB Personal Online Banking you automatically start earning Fun Miles with every purchase. If you have already registered your Fun Miles card, you will begin earning Fun Miles as soon as you begin making purchases with your new Bankomatiko smart card.

Is the Bankomatiko smart card a replacement of the Fun Miles card?

No, you still need your Fun Miles card to earn and redeem miles at the other Fun Miles partners. You will continue to use your Fun Miles card the same as you have in the past. Your Bankomatiko smart card is just an additional and simple way of earning miles

Will I earn double Fun Miles at the Fun Miles partners when I use my Bankomatiko smart card?

Not exactly, MCB will give you miles when making purchases with the Bankomatiko smart card and the Fun Miles partner will also give you miles if you swipe your Fun Miles card at their establishment. The number of miles earned does not have to be double since the FM partners may have a different ratio of awarding miles.

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