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Quick Login

Get immediate access to your MCB Mobile Banking using Quick Login

Quickly want to see your balance? Enable Quick Login for your MCB Mobile Banking app and login faster.

Enabling Quick Login allows you to access your MCB Mobile Banking easier and faster by eliminating the need to enter your username, password and e-code values every time you log in. With Quick Login, you can log in using Facial recognition, Fingerprint recognition or a 5-digit PIN.

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Akseso fásil i mesora den MCB Mobile Banking usando Quick Login.


Quick Login is available to everyone that already uses the MCB Mobile Banking app. It is available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Depending on your device you can select Facial recognition, Fingerprint recognition or a 5-digit PIN. The MCB Mobile Banking app will recognize the available option and present you with the possible Quick Login method.

Quick Login is managed via the device itself, or via Personal Online Banking via the browser. You can deregister Quick Login for any of your devices, from any computer. It is easy to use, fast and safe.


  • Access the app easier; no need to enter a username, password and e-code values each time you log in.
  • After device recognition, the device becomes the second factor. Quick Login only works on the devices you have chosen to register.
  • After registration of your app, enjoy even more options to personalize your app, like a self-chosen profile picture and widgets.
  • Lost your device? Manage the Quick Login and device registration from any computer. Just login to your account via a browser and delete the lost device.
  • Combine Quick Login with pre-authorized templates and make payments on the go using just your face, fingerprint or 5-digit PIN

Device lockout

Safety first, so after too many unsuccessful Quick Login trials, access to your MCB Mobile Banking account is blocked. When this happens, simply choose ‘Login with another user’ on the MCB Mobile Banking app login page and log in using your username, password, and e-code. After a successful login, your Quick Login is enabled again and available for Facial recognition, fingerprint recognition or 5-digit PIN.

Quick login

Use the mobile friendly Self-Service Portal to reset your password, report your e-code lost or stolen and more.

Go to Google Play or the App Store and download this free MCB Mobile App:

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Google Play

Is the MCB Mobile App not available for your phone?

If our Mobile App is not available for your device, we offer you our Mobile Web.
Go to MCB Personal Online Banking on your Internet enabled phone or mobile device and logon to MCB Mobile with your existing Personal Online Banking or Business User ID and enjoy the following banking features on our secure and light weighted mobile website:

  • Real-time Balance and Transaction Inquiry
  • Transferring of Funds
  • Make Immediate Payments
  • Find ATM service points near you and
  • View your available credit card balance(s) and increase it in real-time
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Not an Personal Online Banking customer?

Sign up now and get the convenience of both online and mobile banking…trusted, secure and free of charge…worldwide. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please call 715-5563 during office hours or click here.

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