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MCB innovative invoicing and supplier management for our suppliers : Coupa

COUPA is a platform that facilitates the management of orders, contracts and supplier information for both the Supplier and MCB.

With its offering of Contract Control and Procurement management, you as a supplier will have:

  • Actionable supplier notifications: You can act directly from your email inbox, participate in sourcing events, receive purchase orders, notifications and create invoices without registering or logging into any system.
  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): It's a free solution for suppliers to easily do business with MCB Group, and a lot of other companies all over the world.

You can use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) to:

  • Manage your company information.
  • See all your customer purchase orders.
  • Create and send digital invoices.
  • Manage and send your product catalogs.

All in all, a digital link to MCB, where we can ‘speak’ to each other faster and more efficiently.

Why is MCB using COUPA?

One of the principal reasons, MCB acquired the COUPA platform is that MCB has to provide its regulators with up to date information on all its relationships. COUPA provides the supplier with access to update its own information.

Added benefits the platform provides is that both MCB and the supplier can handle ordering and payment faster by communicating via the platform, tracking and tracing each order and invoice from start to end.

Is COUPA safe seeing it’s domain looks like phishing?

COUPA is safe to use, as both COUPA Security and MCB Security monitor the platform continuously.

The platform is used by the full MCB Group, reason why the orders, emails and all other communication have the MCB Group logo.

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