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Word of our CEO – Lionel Capriles - This is MCB Group

Dear Supplier,

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (MCB Group) is a well-established financial institution in the Dutch Caribbean. Our history extends over 105 years as a proud leader in our markets.

As a leading bank in the Dutch Caribbean, the MCB Group is committed to serving with the highest ethical standards that are articulated in our Guidelines for Business Conduct. We honor our core values of respect, integrity, honesty, and responsibility by making sure our suppliers comply with applicable laws which are set up and aligned in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our bank has close relationship with a significant number of vendors and suppliers who cater to us with a large variety of products and services. The trust of our suppliers is therefore very important to us.

Moving forward, our aim and objective is to have solid risk-controlled relations with all our suppliers while maintaining strong governance practices. Our teams are focused on balancing risk, ensuring that the bank meets its regulatory responsibilities and meeting the demands and expectations of our suppliers through efficiency and expense management.

With the COUPA platform, we take a comprehensive approach to our business spend management with all spending in one place – from purchasing to invoicing to expenses.

In order to provide a smooth process in this platform, we have appointed a dedicated team to support all our suppliers, both contractual and non-contractual relations.

Efficiency and Expense Management is about continually improving the way we do business. The bank’s environmental and digitalization initiatives contribute to this substantially. A digital component we introduced to manage our supplier’s relation in full is our COUPA business spend management software. With end-to-end invoice traceability, COUPA enables you to eliminate manual invoicing with automatic reconciliation.

With COUPA we aim to provide a transparent platform where each supplier can present their invoices and track them easily until payment. COUPA also improves our digital approval process allowing suppliers to receive their payments rapidly and correctly in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner, as no paper invoices will be handled in the process.

COUPA provides a “one-stop shop” for communication. We trust that our suppliers will embrace this next step in our relationship with the aim to move forward together toward a greener and better future.

We truly thank you for doing business with us!


Lionel (Chicu) Capriles

President & Chief Executive Officer

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